A Little About Me
My name is Anna Fine.
No joke.

I'll be updating my site soon with my most current work.
I'm doing a lot of cool things right now.

I went to the School of Visual Arts for Advertising and Design.
It was awesome.

I'm a concept chubby chaser.
I love me some big, fat, well-rounded ideas.

I'm versatile and able in a variety of programs, as well as capable with my hands.
This gives me the confidence and ability to complete any crazy / grandiose idea.

I. Draw. All. Of. The. Time. And sometimes put it on Tumblr.
One of my drawings was even featured on the Tumblr Radar and had 12k tumblogs in a day.

I have typographic OCD.
I am not exaggerating when I say I have over 28,000 typefaces on my home computer.

I love to laugh... a lot. Sarcasm, puns and dry wit are daily necessities.
This is why I adore Louie C.K.

I'm a people-person.
My friends joke that I can get to know a person's life story in five minutes flat.

My concepts are rooted in strategy and the aspiration to engage the user in some way.
I'm inclined to digital and ambient mediums for this reason.

I'm fast on my feet both in terms of executions and ideas.
I want people to enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.

Thanks! Hope to hear from you.
My email is annafine2662@gmail.com

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